Flipper Platinum Algae Scraper replacement cards

$ 12.99

Product Details

10 Pack replacement cards for the Flipper Platinum scraper.

  • FLIPPER PLATINUM SCRAPER BLADES: These replacement blades for your Flipper Platinum fish tank cleaning tools can be inserted in any direction for multiple levels of flexibility.
  • NON-SCRATCH BLADE: The Platinum algae scraper blades feature a serrated edge that won’t scratch your glass or acrylic fish tank, and are supplied as a convenient 10 pack.
  • CREATE CUSTOM BLADES: Cut your own custom blade card shapes to use with your Flipper fish tank cleaner for reaching difficult curved or tight areas of your fresh or salt water fish tank.
  • PERFECT FIT: These replacement blades for fish tank cleaning are compatible with the full range of Flipper Platinum algae scrapers, including the 10”, 12” Nano, 18” or 28” aquarium cleaning tools.

The most important part of choosing your Flipper is knowing the thickness of the glass or acrylic on your tank. The easiest way to measure most tanks is just to use a tape measure on the edge of the tank. Our general sizing chart is below

  • Nano:  for glass tanks up to 1/4" (6mm) thickness.  Usually 25gal or less
  • Standard:  for glass or acrylic tanks 1/4-1/2" (6-12mm).  
  • Max:  for glass or acrylic tanks 5/8"-1" (12-24mm) thickness.  

Bowfront tanks - Since the glass is curved, you need to upsize your flipper by about 1/8". So for a bowfront with 1/4" thick glass, you would choose the standard Flipper. 


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