Fl!pper Platinum NANO Credit Card Algae Scraper

Glass or Acrylic Tanks

$ 19.99

Product Details

When it comes to aquarium scrapers.......One size does NOT fit all! Flipper Platinum NANO Aquarium Scraper for NANO-SIZED Glass and Acrylic Tanks.

* Nano Platinum scraper is specially designed for use in nano aquariums.
* Made with a shallow scraper angle, ideal for the tight confines of nano tanks
* Comes with a square credit card style blade, safe for glass or acrylic. 
* The blade can be inserted in any direction to access multiple different scraper edges. Or....just insert an old credit card, gift card, hotel room key etc to make your own specialized blades!
* You may never have to buy blades again!!

The most important part of choosing your Flipper is knowing the thickness of the glass or acrylic on your tank. The easiest way to measure most tanks is just to use a tape measure on the edge of the tank. Our general sizing chart is below

  • Nano:  for glass tanks up to 1/4" (6mm) thickness.  Usually 25gal or less
  • Standard:  for glass or acrylic tanks 1/4-1/2" (6-12mm).  
  • Max:  for glass or acrylic tanks 5/8"-1" (12-24mm) thickness.  

Bowfront tanks - Since the glass is curved, you need to upsize your flipper by about 1/8". So for a bowfront with 1/4" thick glass, you would choose the standard Flipper. 


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