We pride ourselves on making a high quality product, but we still recommend that you inspect your Flipper before use. If you find any unusual rough areas or irregularities on the pad or the blade, feel free to contact us for possible replacement.


It is always a good idea to first test Flipper on an out-of-the-way area of your tank to assure it is working properly without scratching....this is especially important for acrylic tanks which are very sensitive.



If you have sand that might be magnetically attracted (like Hawaiian black sand), check frequently to make sure no sand has become attracted to the magnet portions of your Flipper. This is most important during early use, and over time the few magnetic sand particles you might have can be removed from the tank.



Although Flipper can be left in the aquarium if you wish, it is advised that you check it frequently to remove any calcium deposits or small critters which might be adhering to your Flipper.



Do not place Flipper next to electronic devices or magnetic strips such as credit cards, cell phones, or in conditions above 100 Degrees. Do not store near Magnetic powerheads. The magnets are very strong and should not stay in close proximity to spinning magnetic powerheads as it can cause the powerhead to malfunction.



Replacing your blade every 3-6 months will help keep it in top performing condition. Lift the blade tabs up and push or pull the blade off by the tabs. Do not grab the sharp metal or plastic edges of the blade when removing. The new blade simply snaps on and can only be attached in one direction.